At a Glance


In the heart of the vibrant capital Jakarta, lies the BALLROOM, a venue established by Cinema 21 to cater to myriad of function. the Ballroom opened its doors in the first light of 2009, founded out of a passion for the ultimate blend of music an culinary arts.

the Ballroom is the ideal destination for corporate meeting, private dinners, cocktail receptions and weddings attended by up to 1000 guests.
From small, intimate get-together to the grandest of events,
our teams of professionals work collectively to present the most memorable day,
exceptionally tailored for your satisfaction.


State-Of-The-Art Facilities


the BALLROOM integrates the latest digital projection technology on a mega screen with a sound sytem similiar to the one used for the Grammy Award and the Oscar Ceremonies.
The vast stage is set in a space charmed with a dance floor and sparkling lights. All equipment are synchronized to emphasize the accoustic in live performances and capitalize on pre-recorded and broadcast events, complemented by post-production services
Elegance, technology, effeciency and courtesy are combined, to make the BALLROOM the perfect venue for your gatherings and banquets.


A Sense Of Place

Any kind of gathering will advance better in the BALLROOM's
distinctively cozy setting with all of the comfort brought by modern facilities and technology
Whether in confidential session, group meeting, or elaborate private parties,
your guest will be fascinated by the gracious service and simple flair of the the BALLROOM
The BALLROOM is fully equipped with all amenities needed by today's executives
to ensure a smooth course for all businness meetings.




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